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Cleaning a retainer

How To Clean Your Retainer

Hello, retainer user! Welcome to our ultimate guide on how to keep your retainer in tip-top shape. If you’re using a retainer, you’re probably well

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Girl with braces flossing her teeth

How To Floss With Braces

Hey there! Got braces, have you? Welcome aboard! Whether you’re a veteran in the braces game or just embarking on your journey towards a neater

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Smiling child with braces

How Do Braces Work?

Welcome to the world of orthodontics, where smiles are crafted, and confidence is restored! If you’ve ever wondered about the marvels of braces and how

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Woman wearing clear aligners

Invisalign Vs Braces

Welcome to the ultimate showdown: Invisalign vs. traditional braces. If you’re considering orthodontic treatment, you’ve likely encountered these two options. But which one is right

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